Q: What’s the most memorable song for you throughout your 10 years?

Hee: It’s Psy’s Gangnam Style. Until now, there isn’t a song that can beat this song and i wonder if there will ever be one in the future because the achievements the song got is really amazing and very big. Super Junior-wise, it would be ‘Sorry Sorry’. I think this song that Yoo Youngjin hyung made was a masterpiece. Before ‘Gangnam Style’ showed up, a lot of foreign kpop fans sang and danced to “Sorry Sorry”. Even actor Kim Myungmin hyung called me up when he was overseas and said in a deep voice ‘Heechul-ah, even in here Sorry Sorry is playing’ and it made me happy.

Following Psy hyung’s words, Gangnam Style wasn’t specifically targeted for overseas taste but it’s concept is purely meant to have fun. Sorry Sorry too wasn’t a song made to target the overseas market. In other words, if you just focus on the music itself (if its good), it will eventually reach internationally.

Personally ever since I was young, I’ve always liked rock, rap etc. The so-called ‘rebellious music’. It would be nice to have this genre be more appreciated.

Q: What was the happiest moment you’ve had throughout your 10 years as a singer?

Heechul: During early 2008 when Super Junior had their first solo concert. Because I was able to understand why my sunbaes(seniors) said “singers should have concerts!” We were able to have fun and play around with our fans with ease. I think our hoobaes (juniors) would be able to realize this too (when they experience it themselves). That concerts are a singer’s flower. It would be nice to see many singers even after 10 years, to spend a fun time with their fans locally and internationally through concerts

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