140901 kimheenim: I was going to write the Rap part for ‘THIS IS LOVE’ so I sat in front of the computer and thought ‘Um.. I want to use our song titles but where should I begin from..’ and just then, Ryeowook called out from the living room with a voiced filled with motherly love, ‘Heechul-ee hyung~ Hurry and come eat~”. 😬😬😬😬 ‘Eureka!!’. And so, I started writing the Rap with two of Ryeowook’s songs. Initially, using our song titles, I wrote the Rap to be very depressing but the company said “Heechul-ah.. this is an upbeat song..;;” so I rewrote it. #ThisIsLove #ThisPhotoWasFoundOnTheInternetWhenITypedHeechulRyeowook #NextShallBeTheBehindStoryOfMidSeason (cr)